Microsoft Excel Basics for Real World Use: Full Course

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Course Description

Microsoft Excel is the most useful, and most often misunderstood, program in the Office Suite. Many of us shy away because it seems so complex and overwhelming, but learning the tools that will help get your daily work done is simple . . . if you have the right instructor. ZenTek developed this class for the beginning, or infrequent, user of Excel who wants to get a better handle on how to perform basic formatting, calculation, and data sorting functions in one of the most powerful programs on the market.
ZenTek Consultants, a certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, will show students the tools they need in order to use MS Excel on real-world jobs. This eight (8) hour course is delivered in four (4), two-hour long sessions.

Course Curriculum

Session 1 – Understanding the Basics
• Understanding and Creating Worksheets
• Working with Multiple Worksheets
• Understanding Cells and Columns
• Formatting and Aligning Cells
• Understanding and Editing Data Types
• How to Format, Merge, and Control Cells
Session 2 – Fun with Functions and Formulas
• Controlling Worksheet Views
• Using Automatic Fill Features
• Understanding Formulas and the Formula Bar
• Using Common Functions and Formulas
• Using Formulas across Worksheets
Session 3 – Delving into Data
• Working With Data Filters
• Understanding Data Sorting
• Removing Duplicate Values
• How to Merge and Split Data Cells
• Adding Data Validation
Session 4 – Summarizing Simplified
• Controlling Page Layouts
• Inserting Images and Symbols
• Creating Simple Charts
• Editing Chart Display Options
• Working with Pivot Tables
Please note that this course uses Microsoft Excel 2016.


  • Course is available for viewing for 120 consecutive hours (5 consecutive days) after purchase.
  • Once purchase is made, NO REFUNDS will be given.
  • Purchase is for one user only. Use for multiple persons can be arranged by contacting us.
  • Please read the full Terms and Conditions.

Course Contents

The course video comes with files that should be downloaded prior to starting the course. After purchase, you can download the files by clicking on the paper clip icon to the right of the video name below.
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