Microsoft Excel Intermediate for Real World Use: Full Course

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Course Description

Most of us can work through Microsoft Excel basics. But, when it comes to getting a smarter worksheet though, one that will handle recurring data entry with reliable results, we either push it off to our IT folks or default back to pen/paper and calculators. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to create your own worksheets that will easily handle the work you regularly do, with just a few lines of data entry, instead of spending hours figuring out the same things again and again, by hand? This Intermediate level class will show you exactly how simple Excel can be, when you get proper training that is focused on how to use the program in the real world. 
ZenTek Consultants, a certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, will show students the tools they need in order to use MS Excel on real-world jobs. This eight (8) hour course is delivered in four (4), two-hour long sessions.

Course Curriculum

Session 1 – Working with Templates
• Using Excel Online Templates
• Creating Templates from a Worksheet
• Saving and Sharing Templates
• Editing Templates
• Using Templates to Start New Worksheets
• Template Best Practices
Session 2 – Data Controls
• Sorting Data
• Filtering Data
• Finding Data
• Working With Conditional Formatting
• Integrating Filters and Conditional Formatting
Session 3 – Conditional and Lookup Formulas
• Linking Workbooks and Worksheets Via Formulas
• Conditional Formulas & Functions
• Lookup Formulas & Functions
• Nesting Formulas
• Other Useful Formulas and Functions
Session 4 – Charts and Tables
• Chart Planning
• Creating Basic Charts and Tables
• Chart Types and Formats
• Pivot Tables
• Sharing Charts & Tables
Please note that this course uses Microsoft Excel 2016.


  •  Course is available for viewing for 120 consecutive hours (5 consecutive days) after purchase.
  • Once purchase is made, NO REFUNDS will be given.
  • Purchase is for one user only. Use for multiple persons can be arranged by contacting us.
  • Please read the full Terms and Conditions.

Course Contents

The course video comes with files that should be downloaded prior to starting the course. After purchase, you can download the files by clicking on the paper clip icon to the right of the video name below.
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